1. Contributed £100,000 to a new high risk maternity wing.

2. Given £25,000 to Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV programme.

3. Donated £25,000 to the building of a Wellness Centre for Nurses and Health workers who have HIV.

4. Sponsored an English midwife to work with and teach the midwives and medical staff in Bottom Hospital.

5. Set up 6 feeding stations now feeding over 600 preschool children every day.

6. Sponsoring at present 4 Malawian nurse to complete their midwifery training and commit to working for 2 years in Bwaila/ Ethal Mutharika high risk wing. The course finishing at the beginning 2011.

7. Helping many individuals in many small but valuable ways.

8. MUMs bought and paid for an ambulance to help take women in difficult labour from Charity’s clinic to the hospital. The ambulance is also called out to take women in the village who get into difficult labour or  who start to  haemorrhaging and need emergency treatment.

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