MUMs was set up in October 2005 after hearing and seeing photographs of a government run maternity hospital in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi.

Women were dying weekly and dead babies were left on an open shelf to be collected by their mothers to be taken back to the villages to be buried.


Facts about Malawi


There are around 13 million people in Malawi mostly living below the poverty line in villages and the majority child bearing age.


Life expectancy in Malawi is 37yrs.


The maternal death rate is 807 per/100,000, which in simple terms is 8 women in every 1000 die every year- in other words it is like saying that in Simpsons last year 48 women died in childbirth related causes.


1 child in 10 will die before they are 5 years old


1 child in 5 die within a month of birth and these numbers increase if the mother has died.


2 nurses die every week from HIV


There is -one qualified anaesthetist

-One pathologist

- Seven obstetricians- 2 of whom are Malawian


The work of MUMs focuses on the central beliefs that;


  • All mothers in Malawi deserve safe and caring maternity provision


  • Malawi’s children should be well-nourished and have educational opportunity


  • Nurses with AIDS or concerned about contracting AIDS should be supported


  • Working closely with the local community is vital to ensure needs are identified, money raised is spent wisely and the maximum number of people benefit.


  • By helping Malawi’s rural communities to help themselves, communities are empowered and more sustainable in the long term.


  • Building effective partnerships with people in Scotland and Malawi can make a difference.

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